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WTO is a global trade organization made up of member governments who all agree to operate on the same system of trade rules. It is a diverse and complex organization with many cultures, job roles, languages and activities. What they do is complex and has far reaching impact around the globe.

To better support its everyday activities, WTO needed to rethink their intranet to help make it easier for employees to understand the organization and connect what they needed to do their job in a q quick and effective way. The intranet needed to act as the glue that helps pull people together.

What we did

As a starting point we performed a situational analysis of the existing WTO intranet followed by interviews with key stakeholders and employees from different departments and levels within the organization. This helped us to understand the challenges people had with the existing intranet and where we could deliver improvements. We also conducted an online survey in three languages. We then developed a detailed sitemap, first by conducting a card sorting exercise, mapping the results into a site structure and testing the solution with an online tree sorting exercise.

Using the input from previous work, we developed a selection of wireframes detailing how the core features of the Intranet would work, included the navigation principles, search function, homepage features, people profiles and various other pages. From the wireframes we developed the design concepts taking into account the intranet objective for simplicity and ease of use.

The final part of the process was to pull everything together into a strategy document that presented a roadmap for evolving the intranet over the coming years into a tool that is viewed to be useful, and essential to every employee’s work life.

What we achieved

In the end we created a best practice, task-based intranet structured around the tasks people perform when using it. This made the intranet much easier to use and vastly increased findability and usefulness. The result was very positive feedback across the board from both stakeholders and employees and greatly increased usage.

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