Virgin atlantic

Developed an intranet strategy and information architecture.


Virgin Atlantic is a major British success story. Founded back in the early 80s by Richard Branson the airline has a reputation for providing air travel that stands out from the crowd.

Keeping employees informed and up-to-date is essential to operations and the company intranet is the key tool for doing this. Already established as useful, but dated tool, Magenta was asked to develop a strategy for the next generation intranet.

What we did

As with any challenge, we started by asking the people who use the intranet what they thought about it and how it could evolve to improve their work life. This include over 20 interviews and four focus groups from around the business in the UK and US. We talked to flight crew, pilots, engineers, sales agents and office staff. We also ran a survey on their existing intranet. Additionally, we conducted research to explore other company intranets to access what is best practice. Once our analysis of the research was completed we produced a strategy for the intranet which incorporated findings and recommendations, governance structure and next steps. As part of the next phase we looked at a new information architecture for the site. Once again we engaged the intranet users from around the business using workshop sessions to map out the new sitemap structure from different types of users. This was incorporated into the new intranet design which launched earlier this year.

What we achieved

The intranet strategy formed a roadmap for developing a new intranet that is easier to use, more relevant to employees and more engaging. The structure is now based on the tasks people do for their job and promotes content relevant to the employee based on their role, in particular, for crew, pilots and office staff.

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